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Automotive Solutions

Connecting vehicle tracking devices, allowing telemetry data capture, like speed, gas level, driver behaviour, and other.

Financial Services

Connectivity for payments market, for Mobile POS machines or vending machines payments validation and remote monitoring.

Residential and Industrial Solutions

Communication for sensors, cameras and alarms for smart homes, as well as sensor monitoring on industrial processes.

Corporate Solutions

Custom applications and projects for machine communications, integration IoT solutions.

Gestão de Dados M2M


Chip de Dados

Utilize chip de dados para fazer a comunicação entre seus dispositivos. Escolha a Operadora que melhor atende sua necessidade.

Conta Unificada

Facilidade para pagar a conta de diversas operadoras e planos, mesmo que tenham preços diferentes. Pague tudo com uma fatura.

Suporte Técnico Chip M2M

Suporte Comercial e Técnico

Atendimento especializado em Chip M2M para você saber como usar da melhor maneira com seu dispositivo. Além disso, conte com equipe de Suporte Técnico para ajudar a configurar o Sim Card M2M em seu aparelho e plataforma.



Online Management

Online Management Platform for M2M Sim Cards.

Multiple Carriers

Use multiple M2M carriers to fit your project needs for a national scope, and manage everything from a single platform: single-bill, unified tech support and connection management.

Customer Care 24 Hours/day

Open Tickets with our 24/7 Customer Care team.


Technology that allows device authentication, binding Sim Card number with the right equipment, ensuring best practices for your project.

Exclusive APN

Single and Exclusive Access Point Name, for all carriers, securely routing your connectivity to the internet.

Dual-SIM Solutions

Exclusive offers with shared quota among different carriers, to an even better fit for your solution, using your Dual Sim device.


Partnering with the best mobile networks in the Brazilian market, Link Solutions offers the best commercial conditions, besides centralized tech support, customer care, online management, and single bill – all using our exclusive online platform.


Focusing on partnering with the best solutions provider on the market, Link Solutions makes sure your company has access to the best devices, services and platforms. This allows for a quicker solution deployment, quickly adding value to the end user.


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